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LocalizeRingForHomalg .-2
AddToMatElm, for homalg local matrices 4.3-10
AssociatedGlobalRing, for homalg local matrices 4.3-3
    for homalg local ring elements 4.3-2
    for homalg local rings 4.3-1
BasisOfRowModule, for local rings A.1-1
Cancel, for pairs of ring elements 4.3-13
DecideZeroRows, for local rings A.2-1
    for local rings with Mora's algorithm A.1-2
Denominator, for homalg local matrices 4.3-7
    for homalg local ring elements 4.3-6
GeneratorsOfMaximalLeftIdeal 4.2-1
GeneratorsOfMaximalRightIdeal 4.2-2
HomalgLocalMatrix, constructor for local matrices using a given numerator and one as denominator 4.3-18
    constructor for local matrices using numerator and denominator 4.3-18
HomalgLocalRingElement, constructor for local ring elements using a given numerator and one as denominator 4.3-17
    constructor for local ring elements using numerator and denominator 4.3-17
IsHomalgLocalMatrixRep 4.1-3
IsHomalgLocalRingElementRep 4.1-2
IsHomalgLocalRingRep 4.1-1
LocalizeAt, for a commutative ring and a maximal ideal 4.3-14
LocalizeAtZero, for a free polynomial ring 4.3-15
LocalizePolynomialRingAtZeroWithMora, constructor for homalg localized rings using Mora's algorithm 4.3-16
MatElm, for homalg local matrices 4.3-12
MatElmAsString, for homalg local matrices 4.3-11
Name, for homalg local ring elements 4.3-8
Numerator, for homalg local matrices 4.3-5
    for homalg local ring elements 4.3-4
SetMatElm, for homalg local matrices 4.3-9
SyzygiesGeneratorsOfRows, for local rings A.1-3

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