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Dimension, for IsVectorSpaceObject 1.2-4
IsVectorSpaceMorphism, for IsCapCategoryMorphism and IsCellOfSkeletalCategory 1.3-1
IsVectorSpaceObject, for IsCapCategoryObject and IsCellOfSkeletalCategory 1.3-2
MatrixCategory, for IsFieldForHomalg 1.1-1
MatrixCategoryAsCategoryOfRows, for IsFieldForHomalg 1.1-2
MatrixCategoryObject, for IsMatrixCategory, IsInt 1.1-5
UnderlyingFieldForHomalg, for IsVectorSpaceMorphism 1.2-1
    for IsVectorSpaceObject 1.2-3
UnderlyingMatrix, for IsVectorSpaceMorphism 1.2-2
VectorSpaceMorphism, for IsVectorSpaceObject, IsHomalgMatrix, IsVectorSpaceObject 1.1-3
VectorSpaceObject, for IsInt, IsFieldForHomalg 1.1-4

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