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Compute sheaf cohomology of coherent sheaves on toric varieties


ToricVarieties is a Gap4-package, which allows to compute properties of toric varieties. It is central to the ToricVarieties_project, which extends its functionality to computations with coherent sheaves on toric varieties.


To get the latest version of this GAP 4 package, clone ToricVarieties_project from github ( This completes the installation process.

Documentation and test

You can create the documentation for this package by issuing make doc. Tests are executed upon make test.


E-mail me if there are any questions, remarks, suggestions. Also, I would like to hear about applications of this package: Martin Bies,


The work of Martin Bies is partially supported by NSF grant DMS 201673, the Simons Foundation Collaboration grant #390287 on Homological Mirror Symmetry and the Simons Foundation Collaboration grant #724069 on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis and Physics.