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CAP project

Categories, Algorithms, and Programming

Sebastian Gutsche, Sebastian Posur, Mohamed Barakat, Øystein Skartsæterhagen

The CAP project

This is the home of the CAP project. It consists of several GAP packages build on top of its main package, CAP. A good way to start is having a look at the manual, which offers extensive tutorials and a good description of CAP. Also, you can look at the packages’ references for detailed command descriptions.

Packages in the CAP project







This project requires GAP version >= 4.9.1. For more information about the dependencies take a look at the individual packages’ sites.



To install CAP, start by installing the latest version of GAP from Please refer to the installation description there for details. Since CAP has fairly new dependencies, all earlier versions of GAP will not work.

Then download the tarballs of the CAP project packages into GAP’s pkg folder (usually inside the main GAP directory).

Alternatively, clone or download the repository

via git and put it into GAP’s pkg folder.

Now you should be able to load CAP via LoadPackage( “CAP” );.


Sebastian Gutsche, Sebastian Posur, Mohamed Barakat, Øystein Skartsæterhagen


For bug reports, feature requests and suggestions, please use the issue tracker.